Learn how to respond to audit nonconformances issued by your certification body

Responding to Audit Nonconformances effectively is a very important part of maintaining your ISO certification.  Because of the importance of this topic, iLearningU is offering Responding to Audit Nonconformances as a FREE course to all registered users of the iLearningU site.

This course provides you with guidance on responding to the audit nonconformances you receive from your certification body.

As auditors we commonly see issues with the responses we receive from the companies we audit.  The audit nonconformance responses do not meet the Certification Body or Accreditation Body requirements. Consequently, the responses are returned to the organizations for rework and resubmittal.  This can be a very time consuming process and can put your certification at risk due to timing issues getting an acceptable response through technical review.

In this course we identify issues we commonly see, as certification body auditors, when we conduct your audits and what we and the certification body technical reviewers expect when you send in your responses.

Through this iLearningU ISO course you will be given the guidance you need to effectively respond to your certification body audit nonconformances.

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Module 1 Audit Nonconformances  
Unit 1 Responding to Audit Nonconformances part 1
Unit 2 Responding to Audit Nonconformances part 2
Unit 3 Responding to Audit Nonconformances part 3
Unit 4 Responding to Audit Nonconformances Quiz

Responding to Audit Nonconformances Agenda

Part 1:  It All Starts With The Audit

  1. Audit Report
  2. Roles and Responsibilities
  3. Certification Body Standard
  4. Timing
  5. Process
  6. Consequences

Part 2:  Now What?  Responding to Audit Nonconformances

  1. Corrective Action System
  2. How to Respond
  3. Issues We See
  4. What We Expect

Part 3:  After the Response

  1. What They Do
  2. Issue the Certificate
  3. Ready for Your Next Audit